world sales plummet more than 5% in 2019

The crisis of Volkswagen It goes to more. The group delivered in 2019 836,800 units of all its brands, which represents a collapse of 5.2%, or 45,500 vehicles compared to the year 2018.

By brands, Volkswagen cars it accounted for most of the sales (485,500 units), although after experiencing a 5.8% decline, followed by Audi, with 147,300 vehicles and an increase of 1.8%.

In third place is Skoda, teaches that delivered 87,200 units last year, 15% less; followed by Seat, with 49,400 units and experiencing the highest growth of all Volkswagen brands, 11.1% compared to the previous year.

Below are Porsche, with 19,900 vehicles sold in 2019, 5.8% more; Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, with 32,200 units, 18.5% less; MAN, with 8,200 vehicles delivered, 8.4% less; and Scania, with 5,500 units, 16% less.

Regarding the geographical area, activity in China, its main market, fell 11.3%, to 343,400 vehicles, while in Western Europe, its second market, it decreased 0.2%, to 277,700 units.

In the rest of geographies, the sales behavior was also uneven: in North America they increased 4.7%, to 67,500 units; in South America they increased 1.6%, to 46,200 units; in Asia-Pacific they experienced a 0.6% decline, up to 20,900 units; and in the Middle East and Africa fell 7.4%, to 27,400 units.