Write down these tricks to enlarge your eyes thanks to makeup

Sometimes we are not happy with certain parts of our faces that nature has given us. Fortunately, makeup can work miracles, (well almost) and there are ways to enlarge your eyes thanks to him. With the help of L’Oreal you will discover several tips that will allow you to open your eyes and show off an extra large look.

Concealers, mascara and more to make that look more and more penetrating.

Dark circles concealers

According to professionals, bags and dark circles make the look dwarf, so we will use correctors that, from the first moment, illuminate this area of ​​the face. Create points of light with an illuminator on the tear, the upper part of the cheekbone and the arch of the eyebrow.

Brighten the eyelids

This trick seems strange but it works. L’Oreal advises us to use dark shades or with a very matte finish because they emphasize the feeling of small eyes and not at all expressive. They recommend a shade in earth tones to give color to the mobile eyelid and lightly mark the socket of your eye to give more depth.

Cat eyes …

Join the technique of cat eyes or foxy eyes because they are makeups that manage to elevate the look. And they are a clear trend!

Effect with the mascara

Thanks to the mascara, we manage to raise all kinds of looks to the maximum expression. But it is not worth any, according to L’Oreal, it is better not to opt for those that leave lumps or high density, since they will show your most saturated eye.


What do we do with the eyebrows? Well they also manage to enlarge your eyes. Defined eyebrows, tailored to your features and slightly oriented upwards can change everything. We must define it according to beginning, peak and end, and then they are filled with an eyebrow pencil in order to enhance the eyes.