You can now marry the Xisca Perelló dress

One of the great mysteries of last year revolved around the dress that Xisca Perelló, then Rafa Nadal’s girlfriend, would take on one of the most important days of his life, his wedding. The ‘yes, I want’ between the tennis player and his lifelong partner was one of the most anticipated of 2019, because in addition to bringing together great personalities, it put the icing on the cake for one of the longest-lasting love stories on the national scene, already that before getting married they were boyfriends for no less than 14 years. As expected, everything that surrounded the celebration was practically secret, since Rafa and Xisca have always stood out for their absolute discretion when it comes to their private lives.

It was Rafa Nadal who shared a photograph of his wedding day with Xisca Perelló, his longtime girlfriend / Instagram

So when Nadal decided share a photograph with his already wife, they became the protagonist of hundreds of headlines. All eyes were on Francisca, as the young woman is really called, who wore a beautiful dress that perfectly reflected her personality. The only thing that was known was that the signature behind the piece was Rosa Clará, But behind the image, many details could be seen, such as that the body, with a box neckline and long sleeves, were made of French lace and inspired by the Art Deco artistic movement, composed of graphic and floral motifs.

Rafa Nadal and Xisca Perelló
The dress was made by Rosa Clará, who has now released a version of it / Instagram

The dress did not lack detail, as it was hand embroidered with embedded micro-stones the design and the flared skirt were in natural silk crepe, with a slight removable overlay. As expected, the compliments were immediate and it became the object of desire for many brides who, however, were left with the desire because it was a design made for Xisca. Until now. The bridal fashion firm has released its new bridal collection and, among the pieces, a version of the suit is found that the Mallorcan wore on one of the most special days of her life.

Rosa Clará
The Catalan designer has named her ‘Salvan’ /

The Catalan designer He has named it ‘Salvan’ And, as described on the website, it is “an ideal dress for an intimate ceremony” that will meet all the expectations of the bride who wears it. “Its lightweight finish provides great comfort, and the beaded lace bodice stands out for its imposing and luxurious presence. The soft bateau neckline is ideal for this long-sleeved dress. It features a straight cut that falls elegantly around the body, adjusting to the hips before falling into a delicate crepe skirt. The closed back features the same embroidered lace as the front, but this texture does not detract from the delicacy of the finish. The long train will flow behind you gracefully, drawing admiring glances from your family and friends.