Young 34-year-old Bin Laden collecting sports cars

50,000 followers on Instagram that they can enjoy – from a distance – from one of the largest car collectors on the planet. In addition, his last name gives him an extra dose of curiosity, although he is a direct descendant of the person that everyone could remember him from. Faisal Bin Laden He is a successful entrepreneur thanks to his two partnerships, WSF Creative and Veloce Life, the latter related to luxury and cars, without a doubt its use and ‘hobbie’ preferred.

His garage, as we have previously commented, is one of the most populated in the luxury car category. It is difficult to decide on a single car taking into account the list you own. Two Bugatti, a Chiron and a Type 35 from the 1920s, an authentic relic, three Pagani –Zonda F, Huayra and Huayra Roadster– or a Koenigsegg Regera, Green in color and nicknamed ‘Hulk’, it could be considered the jewels in the collection.

However, it has other cars that would fulfill the aspirations of any passionate. The Ferrari could not miss and Bin Laden accumulates up to five –A 288 GTO, an F40, an F50, an FF and a LaFerrari–, and Porsche also has a presence with a 959, a 911 GT2 RS and a gold-colored 911. However, and although it has a Aston Martin or Lexus In his collection, the jewel in the crown is taken by McLaren.

Faisal Bin Laden has in his possession two McLaren F1, three McLaren P1 and one McLaren BP23, which makes the British firm the queen of the magnate’s collection, who in addition to being a collector is also employed as a racing driver, for that reason of experiencing competition with adrenaline and not only enjoying the beauty of the car. He has raced the Saudi GT Championship with Porsche and with BMW, as a culmination to a story surrounded by cars and of which it is not yet known if he has any distant family ties to Osama Bin Laden.