Young people who went to a nightclub in Valencia where an outbreak arose refuse to be tested

The coronavirus is again plaguing parts of the country. The restrictive measures are increasing and the trackers are trying, despite being few, to locate the positives and the contacts. In this scenario that looks like something out of a science fiction movie, the human being is able to excel. One of the most worrying outbreaks in the Valencian Community is that of a disco. This type of closed spaces can be a source of contagion, although luckily, it is a controlled area.

Young people who went to a disco in Valencia refuse to do the PCR tests

The trackers face the fight against the positives and their contacts, with the will of the people. Some, like the case of some young people who attended this nightclub, do not want to be tested. Their arguments are that they are well and prefer not to know it, although their refusal can harm other people.

No one escapes the virusNo matter how harsh the restraining measures that everyone applauds, you have to be consistent with the facts. In the same way, that there are people who denounce others for not wearing a mask on the street and organize private parties at home, there are young people who complain that there is a virus and accuse them of being carriers, but do not want to undergo a PCR.

As of today, the only effective method to control the coronavirus is social distance. Stay away, more than 2 meters from people who are not part of the usual environment, in addition to subjecting the population to PCR. Some of them do it of their own free will, fearing having been positive or for work reasons, they decide to submit to them to guarantee the safety of their clients. The case of Valencia is one of many that shows that, in this pandemic, the battle is more individual than collective.