Your commitment to vegetable drinks Ades fails in Spain

Coca-Cola has decided to temporarily suspend the production of the range of vegetable drinks AdeS in Spain until "have a proposal that best suits the needs of the Spanish consumer of vegetable drinks ", as reported to Europa Press in sources of the multinational.

The company, which entered in April 2018 in the market of vegetable and organic drinks in Spain with Honest and AdeS, will continue to market the latter while supplies last at points of sale.

As noted by the company, the sale of AdeS continues in several countries in Europe and in Spain It will work on its relaunch to continue in the category.

"As a total beverage company, we are constantly evolving and we are more agile when it comes to launching, changing, renewing or eliminating our products to be able to offer a wide range of drinks that satisfy every individual on every occasion, "he said.

Specifically, Coca-Cola landed last year in the market of vegetable and organic drinks with the aim of "democratizing" this sector with the launch of the Honest brands, organic tea and coffee ready to drink, and the range of vegetable drinks AdeS.

As Alimarket has advanced, AdeS, originally from Argentina, is the leading brand of vegetable drinks in Latin America. Coca-Cola bought the company in 2017 and Spain became in 2018 the first country to incorporate it from Europe

"With these new categories We drive the growth of our business and expand our beverage offer"said Esther Morillas, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola.