Yuina Itomaki

editYuina Itomaki  
糸巻ユイナ Itomaki Yuina
Anime Boruto Episode #154
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
  • Kokoro Kikuchi
Sex Female
  • Konohagakure

Yuina Itomaki (糸巻ユイナ, Itomaki Yuina) is a young citizen of Konohagakure.


Yuina is a quiet and shy young girl. She’s also very polite, always addressing people with proper honourifics. While not very out-spoken, she is firm in her decision of wanting to become a shinobi. In the presence of more out-spoken peers, she will follow them if they take an initiative, even when Yuina herself disagrees with their methods and viewpoints.


Yuina has indigo hair with short bangs in the front and long and curled bangs dangling freely on each side. Her hair is tied in round ponytails on each side and she has royal blue eyes. She wears a white kimono that is tied with a grey obi and a crimson cord, and wears blue shorts and blue shinobi sandals.


Yuina is dedicated to becoming a shinobi, so she took up studying several subjects, despite not yet being an Academy student.

New Era

In the anime, Yuina took part of a one-day trial at the Academy. She was enthusiastic upon learning the Hokage’s daughter would also participate. She struggled a bit during the physical tasks. During a mission to find a lost cat in the park, Yuina found its trail, allowing the group to track it. When the group escaped from a hornet hive, Yuina followed Ehō after he decided to abandon Himawari over her hesitation and doubt on whether she wanted to become a shinobi. The two manage to find the cat, but fall through a well. Himawari found them, and convincing Ehō not to use his flare for help, the three cooperated and managed to climb out by themselves.


  • Yuina Itomaki is a fanmade original character that won the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter #18 Borukura original character contest, created by Misato Yamashita of Kanagawa Prefecture. She appeared alongside another winner, Ehō Norimaki.

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